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Speed Kills

Review of Pressed for Time: The Acceleration of Life in Digital Capitalism, by Judy Wajcman

Originally published January 15, 2015 in The Nation

Not long ago, while crashing with my parents for a few days, I had the opportunity to sift through a wicker box stuffed with memorabilia from my youth: cards, letters, notes scribbled furtively in class.

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Fearful Parenting Is Contagious

'On Immunity,' by Eula Biss

Originally published November 6, 2014 in Boston Review

After my daughter was born, whenever I heard about parents who refused vaccines, I’d feel a flare of hostility. Not because I couldn’t relate to them—as an easily spooked new mom, I could relate all too well. No mother is thrilled to see a needle jabbed into her child.

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How the rhetoric of ecoetiquette muddies writing about global warming

Originally published July 1, 2014 in The Nation

If a single book has haunted the environmental movement, it’s The Population Bomb, by Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich.

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Attitude Adjustments

Jessica Lamb-Shapiro's Promise Land: My Journey Through America's Self-Help Culture

Originally published Dec/Jan 2104 in Bookforum

In Promise Land, Jessica Lamb-Shapiro recounts her efforts to conquer one of her multiple phobias by attending a support group called Freedom to Fly. The group’s course, led by a psychologist, met at the Westchester airport and culminated in a round-trip flight to Boston.

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